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1973-1974 - New Producers - John Furia, Jr. (former story editor) & Alex Beaton (former assistant producer, and involved with Vanishing Son in 1995). New Executive Story Consultant - Ed Waters (who co-wrote the pilot for the 1990s series Kung Fu: The Legend Continues)
16) "The Well"
17) "The Assassin"
18) "The Chalice"
19) "The Brujo"
20) "The Spirit-Helper"
21) "The Squawman"
22) "The Salamander"
23) "The Tong"
24) "The Soldier"
25) "The Hoots"
26) "The Elixir"
27) "The Gunman"
28) "Empty Pages of a Dead Book"
29) "A Dream Within A Dream"
30) "The Way of Violence Has No Mind"
31) "In Uncertain Bondage"
32) "Night of the Owls, Day of the Doves"
33) "Crossties"
34) "The Passion of Chen Yi"
35) "The Arrogant Dragon"
36) "The Nature of Evil"
37 & 38) "The Cenotaph" pts. 1 & 2

#16 (Prod #166201) "THE WELL"
Teleplay By:: Kittridge Barton
Directed By:: Jerry Thorpe (also pilot & #1-4, 18 & 40)(also Exec. Prod.)
First Broadcast: SEPTEMBER 27, 1973
Guest Stars: Hal Williams, Tim McIntire (also #4 plus #59, 61 & 62 as Danny Caine), Jim Davis (also #5), Mae Mercer
After Caine is poisoned by bad water, he is helped by the family of an ex- slave who secretly have the only wet well during a drought.

#17 (Prod #166202) "THE ASSASSIN"
Teleplay By:: Spooner Glass & Dan Ullman
Directed By:: Richard Lang (also 5,19,22,24,27,29,31,33,35,37-39,42,45- 6)
First Broadcast: ABC, OCTOBER 4, 1973
Guest Stars: Dana Elcar, James Keach, Robert Ito (also in pilot & #30) Introducing: Beverly Kushida
Caine witnesses an ambush by a Ninja and is mistakenly identified as having been part of it.

#18 (Prod #166203) "THE CHALICE"
Teleplay By:: William Kelley (also #10, 37 & 38, 50 & part of 51)
Directed By:: Jerry Thorpe (also pilot, #1-4, 16 & 40)(also Exec. Prod.)
First Broadcast: ABC, OCTOBER 11, 1973
Guest Stars: William Smith Special Guest Star: Gilbert Roland
Near the ocean Caine promises a dying priest to return a chalice that priest had stolen which has just been stolen from him by four hooligans who are also being hunted for the Gatling gun they'd previously stolen. The flashbacks show how Caine was helped by a Catholic priest while he was being hunted by the Imperial police after killing the Emperor's nephew.

Information: William Smith had thought he had had a chance to get the role of Caine in this series (according to Carradine's Spirit/Shaolin p. 18*2* and Anderson's KF Book*2*).
Strangely, though this village is near the ocean, the nearest US Marshal is said to be in Santa Fe (and both KF books say this takes place in New Mexico although there are no beaches in this state).
The stone Caine puts on the grave is not the pebble he took out of Kan's hand or the one he took off Po's grave.

#19 (Prod #166204) "THE BRUJO"
Teleplay By:: Katharyn Terry & Michael S. Michaelian (also #35, 41 & 48)
Directed By:: Richard Lang (also 5,17,22,24,27,29,31,33,35,37-39,42,45- 6)
First Broadcast: ABC, OCTOBER 25, 1973
Guest Stars: Henry Darrow, Emilo Fernandez Special Guest Star: Benson Fong (also pilot & #3 & 44)
A dying witch asks Caine to take a young boy to San Martin. That village turns out to be under the spell of a Brujo who puts a curse on Caine.

#20 (Prod #166205) "THE SPIRIT-HELPER"
Teleplay By:: John T. Dugan (also #29, 34, 40, 45, 46 & 57)
Directed By:: Walter Doniger (also #7 & 24)
First Broadcast: ABC, November 1 or Nov. 8 (Kung Fu Book & Epi-log) 1973
Guest Stars: Bo Svenson, Scott Hylands, James A. Watson, Jr., Khigh Dheigh (also #10 & 50 & 51) Special Guest Star: Don Johnson
Caine helps Nashebo who thinks Caine is a spirit-helper sent to guide him in becoming a man. When they discover that his mother has been kidnapped and his father killed, the young man expects his guide to help him with rescue and revenge.

Information: Anderson's KF Book*2* claims that Caine "orders" Nashebo not to kill but all Caine shouts is the boy's name and then asks a question.

#21 (Prod #166206) "THE SQUAWMAN"*2*
Teleplay By:: Arthur Dales
Directed By:: John Llewellyn Moxey (also #28, 32 & 34)
First Broadcast: ABC, November 8 or Nov. 1 (Kung Fu Book & Epi-log) 1973
Guest Stars: Jack Elam, Logan Ramsey, Elliot Street, Rosana Soto, Rex Holman, Booth Colman, James Hong (also pilot & #42, 49 & 52 & other small parts), Victor Sen Yung (also pilot & #1, 9 & 30)
Caine befriends a man who loves his Indian wife but misses talking to the white men who now shun him because he married a native. In order to make friends the man gets himself into a pack of trouble.

Information: "Cannot courage bring joy to living?" - Caine*2*p46

#22 (Prod #166207) "THE SALAMANDER"
Teleplay By:: Del Reisman
Directed By:: Richard Lang (also 5,17,19,24,27,29,31,33,35,37-39,42,45- 6)
First Broadcast: ABC, November 15 or Dec. 6 (Kung Fu Book & Epi-log) 1973
Guest Stars: Ramon Bieri, Ed Flanders, David Huddleston (also #52), and James Lee Reeves as Andy
Caine gets involved with a son's search for his father and the father's search for gold while all are stalked by a claim-jumper.

#23 (Prod #166208) "THE TONG"
Teleplay By:: Robert Schlitt (also #33)
Directed By:: Robert Totten (also #25)
First Broadcast: ABC, Nov. 29 or Nov. 15 (Kung Fu Book & Epi-log) 1973
Guest Stars: Diana Douglas, Richard Loo (also pilot & #3, 35, 48, 50&51)
Caine helps a missionary woman rescue a Chinese boy from slavery to a member of the Dragon of Retribution Tong.

Information: This may be the only episode where Caine [Carradine] actually speaks Chinese.
From the script comes the following and I don't know how much of this was in the broadcast: "There is much evil in the world, Grasshopper. It has always been thus. And so our ancestors built this monastery and developed the art of Kung Fu so they might cultivate virtue and protect themselves from harm. But whatever one man possesses another will covet. The Manchu Emperor heard of our prowess. So he sent an army of soldiers to burn the monastery to the ground. Only five escaped. They made their way to Fukien and founded the Tong to overthrow the Manchus and restore the Ming Emperors to the throne. Violence became their tool and combating violence. Thus the Sage Chuang Tzu has said, 'By ethical argument and moral principle, the greatest crimes are shown to have been necessary and in fact a great benefit for mankind.' Two hundred years have passed. The Manchus still sit upon the throne. The Tongs still kill, no longer for noble cause. Yet they are the children of the five Shaolin priests who went to Fukien long ago.'" - Master Po Also the Lines: "Do rich men hoard their goods? Do great men dispute over small matters?" - Caine

#24 (Prod #166209) "THE SOLDIER"
Teleplay By: Ed Waters (also parts of #12, 31, 32, 39, & 43)
Story By: Calvin Clements, Jr.
Directed By:: Richard Lang (also 5,17,19,22,27,29,31,33,35,37-39,42,45- 6)
First Broadcast: ABC, December 6 or Nov. 29 (Kung Fu Book & Epi-log) 1973
Guest Stars: Tim Matheson, Myron Healey
A soldier identifies Caine as one of the bandileros who attacked and wiped out his troop.

Information: "...enjoy the gift of sight that is yours." - Master Po*2*p6

#25 (Prod #166210) "THE HOOTS"
Teleplay By: Lionel E. Siegel Story By: Jason McKinnon
Directed By:: Robert Totten (also #23)
First Broadcast: ABC, DECEMBER 13, 1973
Guest Stars: Anthony Zerbe (also #43), Laurie Prange, Jock Mahoney
Special Guest Star: Howard Da Silva
Caine meets a religious sect raising sheep in cattle country. They are persecuted because they look and act differently and because the cattlemen think the sheep might spread disease to the cattle.

Information: At the end of this story, Caine gives away his flute keeping only a smaller, lesser one. In episode #27 he makes a new one. (Anderson's KF Book*2* claims this is the first time Caine plays the flute - it was actually in #17 "The Assassin.")

#26 (Prod #166211) "THE ELIXIR"
Teleplay By:: A. Martin Zweiback (also #7, 13 & 15)
Directed By:: Walter Doniger (also #7 & 20)
First Broadcast: ABC, DECEMBER 20, 1973
Guest Stars: Diane Muldaur, David Canary, Matt Clark
Caine helps Theodora and her companion and gets drawn into some complicated interrelationships.

#27 (Prod #166212) "THE GUNMAN"
Teleplay By:: Robert Lewin (also #9 & 14)
Directed By:: Richard Lang (also 5,17,19,22,24,29,31,33,35,37-39,42,45- 6)
First Broadcast: ABC, JANUARY 3, 1974
Guest Stars: Andrew Prine, Katherine Woodville
Caine befriends a wounded gunman who is being tracked by a bounty hunter. The gunman insists on being taken to the ranch of a widow whom he first met during the war and to whom he feels he owes $50.

Information: Caine does not deny that the wanted man is a friend of his and that he knows where he is and he refuses to back up a lie the woman wants to tell: he merely refuses to tell where his friend is.
On screen during this episode Caine/Carradine makes himself a new flute to replace the one he gave away in #25, "The Hoots."
And Caine still seems to be carrying around seedlings at times as he plants one here (first time we have seen him do so since episode #4).

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