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#28 (Prod #166213) "EMPTY PAGES OF A DEAD BOOK"
Teleplay By:: Charles A. McDaniel
Directed By:: John Llewellyn Moxey (also #32 & 34)
First Broadcast: ABC, JANUARY 10, 1974
Guest Stars: Robert Foxworth, Slim Pickens, Doreen Lang, Nate Esformes, Bruce Carradine (also #53)
In New Mexico Caine gets involved with a young Texas Ranger who is trying to fulfill his father's mission to bring in outlaws whose names were listed in a book. Local authorities in Dos Rio, however, believe former outlaws who accuse the Ranger and Caine of murdering one of the men whose name was in that book.
(Starting with the following episode, John Furia stopped being a producer and soon was replaced by Herman Miller, who, in writing the first three episodes, developed the series; and Kam Yuen became Kung Fu adviser)

#29 (Prod #166214) "A DREAM WITHIN A DREAM"
Teleplay By:: John T. Dugan (also #20, 34, 40, 45, 46 & 57)
Directed By:: Richard Lang (also 5,17,19,22,24,27,31,33,35,37-39,42,45- 6)
First Broadcast: ABC, JANUARY 17, 1974
Guest Stars: John Drew Barrymore, Ruth Roman, Tina Louise, Sorrell Booke Special Guest Star: Howard Duff (also #41)
Caine is not believed when he claims he saw a man hanging from a tree on the trail but later he is accused of murdering of that man.

Information: Caine loses his hat (Carradine says in Spirit/Shaolin*2* this was to mark the moment Kam Yuen became Kung Fu advisor) and acquires a headband which at first covers a head wound. And he also is given a pendant on a chain at the end of this story and wears it around his neck from here on.

#30 (Prod #166215) "THE WAY OF VIOLENCE HAS NO MIND"*2*
Teleplay By:: David Michael Korn (also parts of #47, 51 & 52)
Directed By:: Lee Philips
First Broadcast: ABC, JANUARY 24, 1974
Guest Stars: Gary Merrill, Ron Soble, Robert Ito (also pilot & #17), Victor Sen Yung (also pilot & #9, 21 & 47) Special Guest Star: Fritz Weaver
A mine owner assumes Caine is involved with the Chinese 'Robin Hood' who has been stealing from him. When the mine owner takes the law into his own hands, Caine is almost drowned and a farmer is shot twice.

Information: Caine's shirt is destroyed in this episode and the farmer's wife gives him a new one - Carradine says (in THE SPIRIT OF SHAOLIN p. 36)*2* this was done to mark the death of Bruce Lee.
Caine stops a young man from engaging in a gunfight by pointedly looking at him while he is making his preparation (he doesn't say anything).
Anderson's KF Book*2* in talking about this episode again calls people "coolies."

#31 (Prod #166216) "IN UNCERTAIN BONDAGE"
Teleplay By:: Abe Polsky & Ed Waters(also 12, 24, 32 & 43)
Directed By:: Richard Lang (also 5,17,19,22,24,27,29,33,35,37-39,42,45- 6)
First Broadcast: ABC, FEBRUARY 7, 1974
Guest Stars: Warren Vanders, Judy Pace SPECIAL GUEST: Lynda Day George
Caine stumbles onto a kidnapping and is thrown into a pit with a Southern lady who only knows what it is to be served, not what it is to serve others. In flashbacks Master Kan teaches the young Caine to regard serving and being served as the same.

Information: Caine gives away his headband and from now on wears nothing on his head.

#32 (Prod #166217) "NIGHT OF THE OWLS, DAY OF THE DOVES"
Teleplay By: Ed Waters (also parts of #12, 24, 31, 39 & 43)
Story By: Frank Dandridge & Ed Waters
Directed By:: John Llewellyn Moxey (#21, 28 & 34)
First Broadcast: ABC, FEBRUARY 14, 1974
Guest Stars: Barry Atwater, Ken Swofford (also #41), Claire Nono (also #54), Arlene FarberSpecial Guest Star: Anne Francis
Caine becomes involved in a fight between a local cattlemen's association and the women in a house of prostitution to whom he has delivered a will giving them land the cattlemen want.

Information: "Yield and you need not break." - Caine*2*p79&94

#33 (Prod #166218) "CROSSTIES"*2*
Teleplay By:: Robert Schlitt (also #23)
Directed By:: Richard Lang (also 5,17,19,22,23,27,29,31,35,37-39,42,45- 6)
First Broadcast: ABC, FEBRUARY 21, 1974
Guest Stars: Barry Sullivan (also pilot), John Anderson (also #3), Harrison Ford, Denver Pyle (also #15)Special Guest Star: Andy Robinson
Caine finds himself in a fight being waged against the railroad. The railroad wants to settle and give amnesty to the Youngblood gang. Unfortunately, the Pinkertons, originally hired to wipe out the group, want to finish what they were hired to do.

Information: Some flashbacks in this episode are stolen from other episodes and given different voice-overs and story lines. In one Caine, while a disciple, is in the robes of a priest.
Although we don't see Caine drive the horse and wagon, he must have to get the wounded man to the doctor: usually he will only be a passenger.

#34 (Prod #166219) "THE PASSION OF CHEN YI"
Teleplay By:: John T. Dugan (also #20, 40, 45, 46, 57)
Directed By:: John Llewellyn Moxey (also #28 & 32)
First Broadcast: ABC, FEBRUARY 28, 1974
Guest Stars: Bethel Leslie, Robert Middleton, Mariana Hill, Soon-Taik Oh (also #8 & 48)
Caine tracks down a man who had been another student at the Shaolin temple. But by the time he finds him in the Fort Mesa Territorial Prison, Chen Yi has been sentenced to hang. So Caine pretends to try to rob a bank so he can be thrown into the same prison.

Information: In this episode Caine actually gambles - betting the pendant he was given in #29 in order to get to Chen Yi (he proves he can, indeed, find the pea in the old shell game).
While in prison, Caine does wear shoes for the first time since episode #13.

#35 (Prod #166220) "ARROGANT DRAGON"*2*
Teleplay By:: Katharyn & Michael Michaelian (also #19, 41 & 48)
Story By: Barbara Melzer and Katharyn & Michael Michaelian
Directed By:: Richard Lang (also 5,17,19,22,24,27,29,31,33,37-39,42,45- 6)
First Broadcast: ABC, MARCH 14, 1974
Guest Stars: Richard Loo (also pilot & #3, 23, 35, 48, 50 & 51), Clyde Kusatzu (also #45, 46 & 56), Jocelyne Lew, Edward Walsh, James Hong (also pilot & #21, 42, 49 & 50 and bit parts in others)
Caine, delivering a message given him by a dying man, becomes involved in an internal dispute in a local Tong. The daughter of the former Tong leader begs Caine to help her father who is about to be executed.

Information: It is revealed herein that Caine's mother's family is from Hopeh (or Ho-pei or in the new Pinyin spelling "Hebei") Province although the idea put forward at the same time that the Chang part of his name is a maternal family name is not a Chinese concept.
Both KF books *2* claim that Caine initially refuses to help because the situation involves honor and a broken oath, but there is no mention of such a problem in the filmed version.

#36 (Prod #166221) "THE NATURE OF EVIL"
Teleplay By:: Gerald Sanford
Directed By:: Robert Michael Lewis (also #48)
First Broadcast: ABC, MARCH 21, 1974
Guest Stars: Morgan Woodward, Shelly Novak (also #5), Barbara Colby Special Guest Star: John Carradine
On his way to Eureka, Caine gets a feeling which leads him to his old friend Serenity Johnson and a town called Ninevah that is full of fear.

Information: This story continues a relationship between Caine and Serenity Johnson which starts in #2 "Dark Angel" and ends in #58 "Ambush."

#37 & 38 (Prod #166222-3) "THE CENOTAPH" Part 1 & 2
Teleplay By:: William Kelley (also #10, 18 & 50)
Directed By:: Richard Lang (also 5,17,19,22,24,27,29,31,33,35,39,42,45- 6)
First Broadcast: ABC, APRIL 4, 1974 & APRIL 11, 1974
GUEST STAR: Stephen Gierasch, Michael Pataki, Robert RidgleySpecial Guest Star: Nancy Kwan
While helping a man who seems crazily intent on getting himself killed (by robbers, the law, the army and the Sioux), Caine remembers a woman he met one month after leaving the temple.

Information: The Emperor*1* (not yet crowned but perhaps already referred to as the Emperor) at the time of the flashback herein must have been in his early teens since it is years before the killing of the nephew and the Emperor was dead by the time he was 19 in early 1875 (by which time Caine had been in America for some time).
The concubine, who claims to be the favorite of the Emperor speaks of a gift from the Dowager Empress and it was that Dowager Empress who was the real power in China for most of the last half of the 19th century.*1*
The concubine also speaks of the Emperor not minding if his concubines had other alliances. This is nonsense. The Emperor was not allowed to have concubines who were not Manchu and any child of a Manchu concubine could inherit the throne so such a person was guarded closely to make sure that any child she had was the child of the Emperor (for further information see the book Dragon Empress by Marina Warner 1972). The Dowager Empress herself had been a low ranking concubine, yet her son was to be Emperor.*1*

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