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1974-1975 - Story Editor for part or all of this season was Norman Katkov. [This season seems to have been broadcast in even stranger order than previous ones. Warner Brothers is now recommending the following order - which seems more reasonable when clothing changes and other internal indications are noted and when production numbers are taken into account. The only thing I might want to change is to put "The Vanishing Image" after "Blood of the Dragon" since it has another Order of the Avenging Dragon assassin and they are explained in "Blood of the Dragon." But if this is the standard way Warner's is releasing them, it may be best to stick to that standard - note, however, the broadcast dates, which are from TV Guide unless noted, for original broadcast order.]
39) "Cry of the Night Beast"
40) "My Brother, My Executioner"
41) "This Valley of Terror"
42) "A Small Beheading"
43) "The Predators"
44) "The Vanishing Image"
45 & 46) "Blood of the Dragon" pts. 1 & 2
47) "The Demon God"
48) "The Devil's Champion"
49) "The Garments of Rage"
50) "Besieged: Death on Cold Mountain"
51) "Besieged: Cannon at the Gates"
52) "A Lamb to the Slaughter"
53) "One Step to Darkness"
54) "The Thief of Chendo"
55) "Battle Hymn"
56) "The Forbidden Kingdom"
57) "The Last Raid"
58) "Ambush"
59) "Barbary House"
60) "Flight to Orion"
61) "The Brothers Caine"
62) "Full Circle"

#39 (Prod #166251) "CRY OF THE NIGHT BEAST"
Teleplay By: Ed Waters (also #12, 24, 31, 32 & 43)
Story By: Abe Polsky & Ed Waters
Directed By:: Richard Lang (also 5,17,19,22,24,27,29,31,33,35,37- 8,42,45)
First Broadcast: ABC, OCTOBER 19, 1974 (SATURDAY)
Guest Stars: Albert Salmi (also pilot & #6), Don Stroud, Victory Jory Special Guest Star: Stephanie Powers
Caine hears a baby buffalo crying (supernaturally) and stops a hunter from killing its mother. But when mother and baby get separated, Caine must find a way to keep the baby alive until he can reunite them. This is connected in flashbacks to a connection the young Caine felt with an unborn baby.

#40 (Prod #166252) "MY BROTHER, MY EXECUTIONER"
Teleplay By:: John T. Dugan (also #20, 34, 40, 45-46 & 57)
Directed By:: Jerry Thorpe (also pilot #1-4, 16 & 18)
First Broadcast: ABC, OCTOBER 12, 1974 (SATURDAY)
Guest Stars: James Wainwright, Carol Lawrence, A. Martinez (also #62), Beulah Quo (also #54)Special Guest Star: John Vernon
Caine tracks down Danny but doesn't get the kind of reception he expected from his brother. Soon thereafter a gunfighter arrives saying that this Danny Caine had been a very fast gunfighter with a different name just three years previously and he wants to see which one of them is faster.

Information: Anderson's book*2* indicates a serious misunderstanding of what happens in this episode perhaps because the story changed significantly after the script was finished.

  • "...perhaps the proper conclusion one can come to is not to come easily to conclusions." - Master Kan*2*p22
  • "It is through...roots we draw our nourishment and strength." - Master Kan*2*p56

    #41 (Prod #166253) "THIS VALLEY OF TERROR"*2*
    Teleplay By: Katharyn Michaelian
    Story By: Katharyn & Michael Michaelian (also #19, 35 & 48)
    Directed By:: Harry Harris (also #43 & 61)
    First Broadcast: ABC, SEPTEMBER 28, 1974 (SATURDAY)
    Guest Stars: Sondra Locke, Jan Sterling, Ken Swofford (also #32)Special Guest Star: Howard Duff (also #29)
    When Caine learns a young woman has visions of the signs of the dragon and the tiger that are burnt on his arms, he rescues her from those who are trying to return her to an insane asylum.

    #42 (Prod #166254) "A SMALL BEHEADING"
    Teleplay By:: Eugene Price
    Directed By:: Richard Lang (also 5,17,19,22,24,27,29,31,33,35,37-9,45- 6)
    First Broadcast: ABC, SEPTEMBER 21, 1974 (SATURDAY)
    Guest Stars: William Shatner, France Nuyen, Kenjo Shibuya, James Hong (also pilot & #21, 41 & 54 & others)Special Guest Star: Rosemary Forsyth
    While he is working for a woman on a ranch near a coastal town, a sea captain (married to the sister of the Emperor's nephew*1*, whom Caine killed) delivers to Caine a pardon if he returns to China. The catch, according to the captain, is that Caine must allow the 'beheading' of the little finger of his right hand.

    Information: The niece of the Emperor is much older than the Emperor (who was a teenager at this time)*1* was so this lady and her now dead brother could only be the children of a much older half-sister (or maybe they were the children of a cousin and the word 'nephew' wasn't an exact translation of the relationship) of the Emperor.*1*

    #43 (Prod #166255) "THE PREDATORS"
    Teleplay By: Lloyd Richards & Ed Waters(also parts of #12,24,31,32 & 39) Story By: John Menken
    Directed By:: Harry Harris (also #41 & 61)
    First Broadcast: ABC, OCTOBER 5, 1974 (SATURDAY)
    Guest Stars: Anthony Zerbe (also #25), Cal Bellini, George DiCenzo
    Caine needs a man to return with him as a witness to the fact that he didn't kill a sheriff. But the witness is one of a gang of hunters seeking Apache scalps and an Apache, who Caine has befriended, has had a vision to kill the whole gang.

    Information: Herein, Caine says "I see no Apache" when asked if he's seen an Apache though he just saw one. This is technically the truth since the Apache was behind him at that moment and he was relying on the fact that the bounty hunters would assume his grammar was just bad.

    #44 (Prod #166256) "THE VANISHING IMAGE"
    Teleplay By:: Gustave Field
    Directed By:: Barry Crane (also #55)
    First Broadcast: ABC, DECEMBER 20, 1974 (FRIDAY)
    Guest Stars: Lew Ayres, Tom Nardini, Benson Fong (also pilot & #3 & 19)
    Caine seeks out a dying photographer (Lew Ayres who was nominated for an Emmy for the performance) who might be able to identify Danny in a group photograph. Meanwhile, Caine is tracked down by another Chinese assassin and the old man is tracked by an Indian who believes the camera has stolen his spirit.

    Information: This Chinese Order of The Avenging Dragon uses European, winged dragons instead of Chinese ones as its symbols.
    The KF Book*2* says the photographer dies before telling Caine which man in the picture is his brother but he does identify Danny so Caine knows basically what his brother looks like before they ever meet.
    "As the years gather, it is only natural for a man to ease his pace." - Caine (this is in broadcast)*2*p3

    #45 & 46 (Prod #166257-8) "BLOOD OF THE DRAGON" Parts 1 & 2
    Teleplay By:: John T. Dugan (also #34, 40)
    Directed By:: Richard Lang (also 5,17,19,22,24,27,29,31,33,35,37-39,42)
    First Broadcast: SEPTEMBER 14, 1974 (SATURDAY - 2 hours)
    Guest Stars: Patricia Neal, Season Hubley, Kam Yuen (Kung Fu Advisor), Clyde Kusatsu (also #35 & 56), Tad Horino (also #8 & 47)SPECIAL Guest Stars: Eddie Albert & Edward Albert
    Caine shows up in Gurneyville, on the California coast, knowing (supernaturally?) that his grandfather died there the night before. As Caine tracks down what happened to his grandfather, he is being tracked by three agents of The Imperial Guards of the Dragon Throne's Order of the Avenging Dragon which needs to kill Caine to end the shame of having failed to protect the Emperor's nephew (showing that the hunt for Caine won't end with the Emperor's death in 1875*1* - though, the Dowager Empress*1* might have continued anyway).

    Information: The Order of the Avenging Dragon of the Imperial Guards does help the story line get beyond the fact that it will soon be after the Emperor's death in January 1875*1*. Strangely, this order uses emblems with fire breathing, winged, European dragons. Chinese dragons don't look like that.
    The date on Johnny's tombstone places this story in 1874 so the Emperor*1* is still alive.
    The KF Book*2* claims Caine "tricks" his opponent into killing himself: he does no such thing though both opponents are killed by their own weapons.

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