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#47 (Prod #166259) "THE DEMON GOD"
Teleplay By: George Clayton Johnson & David Michael Korn(also #30,51&52)
Story By: George Clayton Johnson
Directed By:: David Carradine (also #50 & 51)
First Broadcast: DECEMBER 13, 1974
Guest Stars: Brian Tochi, Michael Greene (also #11), Victor Sen Yung(also pilot & #9, 21 & 30), Robert Tessier, Brenda Venus, Tad Horino (also #8 & 45 & 46)
In flashforwards Caine is stung by a scorpion and faces again a hallucination that he first experienced when, as a young student, he was poisoned by a Mandarin's son who wanted to learn from the temple student what awaited his dying father in the land of the dead.

Information: Caine's clothing and flute are destroyed when he falls off a cliff and into a cave - he gets new clothes in #49 "The Garments of Rage" and a new flute in #55 "Battle Hymn."
Kan herein speaks of a boy in his mid-teens as being "older than the ones we begin training" yet in #3 "Blood Brother" a young man even older goes back to China to try and study at the Shaolin Temple.
Young Caine tells one of his two lies herein (the other time is in #7 "The Tide") when he tells the Mandarin's son that he had changed the placement of the teacups making the boy think he had been poisoned as he had poisoned Caine.

#48 (Prod #166260) "THE DEVIL'S CHAMPION"
Teleplay By:: Katharyn & Michael Michaelian*2*(also #19, 35, & 41)
Directed By:: Robert Michael Lewis (also #36)
First Broadcast: NOVEMBER 8, 1974 (FRIDAY)
Guest Stars: Soon-Taik Oh (also #8 & 34), Victoria Racimo, Richard Loo (also pilot & #3, 23, 35, 48, 50 & 51)
In China a strange challenger shows up at the temple gates to challenge Master Kan to ritual combat to the death. Caine, who is having visions, must find out who or what is behind the situation.

Information: The KF Book*2* says that the villain in this story, "the Prince of Darkness is Hsiag, the evil embodiment of the powers of the air" but there is no such mention herein.

#49 (Prod #166261) "THE GARMENTS OF RAGE"
Teleplay By:: Theodore Apstein*2* (also part of #53)
Directed By:: Marc Daniels (also #53, 59, 60 & 62)
First Broadcast: NOVEMBER 1, 1974 (FRIDAY)
Guest Stars: James Shigeta (also #56), James Hong (also pilot & #21, 41, 42 & 54 and other small parts)Special Guest Star: James Olson
After the events in "The Demon God" (#47 the last episode set in the present), Caine is left battered with his clothes torn, and he is taken in by railroad workers. The railroad is being harassed by a Shaolin master who has also fled China. This former teacher offers Caine clothes that had belonged to his nephew who died in a railroad accident. (At first Caine refuses to wear the clothes which might symbolize that he would help sabotage the railroad, but later Caine accepts the clothes and wears them for the rest of the series).

Information: "You will not improve anything by going away." - Caine*2*p3(this may be in broadcast)

#50 (Prod #166262) "BESIEGED: Death on Cold Mountain" (pt. 1)
Teleplay By:: William Kelley*2* (also #10, 18, 37, 38 & part of 51)
Directed By:: David Carradine (also #47 & 51)
First Broadcast: NOVEMBER 15, 1994 (FRIDAY)
Special Guest Star: Barbara Seagull (Hershey)Guest Stars: Khigh Dheigh (also #10 & 20), Victor Sen Yung (also pilot & #9, 21, 30 & 47), Yuki Shimoda (also #8), Richard Loo (also pilot & #3, 23, 35, 48, 50 & 51),
In China Master Po and Caine are dispatched to rescue the survivors of another Shaolin temple which has been destroyed by the warlord Sing Lu Chan. One of the survivors happens to be a girl.

Information: At the time of this story Master Po is 83.
There are more than 200 Shaolin at the Honan Temple at this time.
See the historical note at the end of the next episode for how this connects to history.

#51 (Prod 166263) "BESIEGED: Cannon at the Gates" (pt. 2)
Teleplay By:: William Kelley & David Michael Korn*2*
Directed By:: David Carradine (also #47 & 50)
First Broadcast: NOVEMBER 22, 1974 (FRIDAY)
Guest Stars: (as above)
As the warlord moves on the temple, Nan Chi feels she has to sacrifice herself to save everyone else, especially Caine.

Information: The story that there was a second Shaolin Temple at Fukien cannot be verified according to D.F. Draeger and R.W. Smith in Asian Fighting Arts (Tokyo, Kodansha Intl. 1969) pages 43-46 but they go on to say: "Tradition has it that during the reign of Emperor K'ang Hsi (1662-1723) Imperial troops sent against marauding bands in the western border areas were defeated. When the Emperor asked for volunteers, 128 of the Fukien Shaolin monks responded and routed the enemy without themselves suffering a single casualty. Subsequently, the Emperor was persuaded by Manchu officials to send a force against the Fukien temple on a purported charge of sedition. The temple was burned and only five monks survived the battle. Out of this grew the anti-Manchu Triad Society or Hung League..." This is pretty much the story suggested in these two episodes for the destruction of the Fukien Temple although these stories which must take place in the mid to late 1860s are set about 150 years after it may have really happened.

#52 (Prod #166264) "A LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER"
Teleplay By: Robert Specht & David Michael Korn STORY: Robert Specht
Directed By:: Harry Harris (also #54 & 61)
First Broadcast: JANUARY 11, 1975 (SATURDAY)
Guest Stars: Alejandro Rey, Joe Santos, Barbara Luna, and Stephen Manley as a younger young Caine*4*
Caine goes to a village on the coast of Mexico to pay a debt the priest owes to a man whose father died saving his father. But the only payment the man will accept is for Caine to teach him fighting/killing skills.

#53 (Prod #166265) "ONE STEP TO DARKNESS"*2*
Teleplay By: Robert Sherman & Theodore Apstein (also #49)
STORY: Gerald Sanford
Directed By:: Marc Daniels (also #59, 60 & 62)
First Broadcast: JANUARY 25, 1975 (SATURDAY)
Guest Stars: Leslie Charleson, David Huddleston (also #22), Bruce Carradine (also #28) and Stephen Manley as a younger young Caine*4*
Caine comes to the rescue of a woman and for his trouble is arrested by her army officer husband. The woman turns out to be addicted to a Chinese drug (opium?) and she introduces Caine to a mystical world where he meets a demon who claims the priest's life for a wish the very young Caine had made while sick with typhoid.

#54 (Prod #166266) "THE THIEF OF CHENDO"
Teleplay By: Simon Muntner
Story By: Bernard B. Bossick, Lary H. Gibson & Simon Muntner
Directed By:: Harry Harris (also #41, 43, 52 & 61)
First Broadcast: March 29, 1975
Guest Stars: James Hong (also pilot & #21, 42 & 49 and others), Harushi, Claire Nono (also #32), John Fujioka, Beulah Quo (also #40 & others)
Master Po and the young Caine visualize what it will be like when Caine leaves the temple. The two imagine (?) in a 'flashforward' (?) that Caine, now a priest, has been sent to help a duke. The young priest "finds royalty everywhere" as he runs into a prince of thieves who wants to help a princess.

Information: When reference is made to Prince Land Wo of the Land Dynasty, it is one of the few times in this series that the family name is put first as it is in China.
Caine undertakes to deliver a message to Master Po but since he is out in the world, he is not returning to the temple as this episode sort of implies, but, then how did Caine get the assignment in the first place? - while out in the world, he is not suppose to be in contact with the temple (see description of how and why they all stay separate in next episode).

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