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Series Guide News Overview Pilot Season One Season Two Season Three Merchandise Notes Resources Addendum FAQ #4 (Prod #166144) "An Eye for an Eye"
Teleplay By:: John Furia, Jr. (story editor & later producer of 1st half of 2nd season)
Directed By:: Jerry Thorpe (also pilot & #1-3, 16, 18 & 40)
First Broadcast: ABC, January 25, 1973
Guest Stars: L.Q. Jones (also #57), Tim McIntire (also #16 & he plays Danny Caine in #59, 61 & 62), Harry Townes, Special Guest Star: Lane Bradbury
Regular Cast: David Carradine, Philip Ahn, Keye Luke, Radames Pera

This episode which is about vengeance for a rape won an Emmy for best director and another for best cinematographer. Jerry Thorpe was also nominated for a Director's Guild Award for it. Throughout the story people keep asking, "If I don't have a right to vengeance, who does?" Caine finally answers: "No one."


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