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The Pilot and First Season Episodes are now Available on a DVD set

The long wait is over.

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The most frequently asked question is "where can I purchase tapes or DVDs of the episodes?"
And now the Pilot and the First Season (15 episodes) are available on a re mastered DVD set (three double sided discs):

Information we have collected on the DVD with the latest information first:

Languages you can see subtitles for on the Discs
  • English
  • Francais
  • Español

March. 19, 2004 - Amazon.com Sales Rank (DVD): 11
   (Editor's note: Having seen the pilot, I haven't notice any loss from the top and the bottom of the screen. But the discs are two sided and therefore more delicate than regular DVD, but the re-mastered show is gorgeous.)

Dec. 16, 2004 - Amazon now has a description and lists the following:
DVD Features:

  • Contains all 15 episodes plus the 90-minute pilot episode all re-mastered in a never-before-seen widescreen format
  • "From Grasshopper to Caine: Creating Kung Fu"
  • "The Tao of Kwai Chang Caine: Production and Beyond"
  • Widescreen anamorphic format

Dec. 12, 2004 - Okay, it seems to be official that the release date has been postponed one month until March 16, 2004 and today the price was reduced to 30% off. If you bought earlier, write customer service and ask them to change the price you will pay.

Dec. 9, 2004 - some more details
from www.TVShowsOnDVD.com:
"...Warner Brothers.. announces Kung Fu - The Complete 1st Season on DVD. Starring David Carradine, the first season also has guest appearances by the likes of Jodie Foster, Robert Urich, John Saxon, Pat Hingle, Rosalind Chao, Merlin Olsen, Larry Bishop, Richard Hatch, Denver Pyle, Victor French, and family members John and Robert Carradine. This release includes all 15 episodes of season one, plus the breakthrough 90-minute pilot episode. That will bring the running time to 840 minutes. The street date is March 16, and the list price is $39.98."

Dec. 8, 2004 - the DVD has now been available for pre-order for two days and it is:
Amazon.com Sales Rank (DVD): 1,358

Nov. 14, 2003: from www.TVShowsOnDVD.com: "Kwai Chang Caine will be bringing his gentle words and quick kicks to DVD when Warner Bros Home Video releases the first season of Kung Fu on DVD in the first quarter, 2004."

Previous information (6-22-03) from www.TVShowsOnDVD.com: "Warner Brothers has let us in on a little secret they've been keeping: that Kung Fu: Year 1 is in the works for DVD. Plans right now are to get it out in 2004, but this may change since no date has been set. This will be the entire first season (15 regular-season episodes) of the original 1972 series, and apparently includes the pilot movie as part of the package.

"We found out that one of the reasons this was chosen for DVD release is because the show is already being re-mastered for high-definition by another division, and a DVD set was the logical way to take advantage of the new transfer. As a result, fans of the show with widescreen televisions will be able to take advantage of a 16x9 anamorphic widescreen image on this DVD release (Warner will have to shave a bit off the top and bottom of the image to make it fit).

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