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Pilot Movie: "KUNG FU"
Teleplay By: Ed Spielman & Howard Friedlander Story By: Ed Spielman
Directed By:: Jerry Thorpe (also #1-4, 16, 18 & 40)
First Broadcast: FEBRUARY 22, 1972 (uncut it is 75 minutes; available on video)
Guest Stars: Barry Sullivan (also #33), Albert Salmi (also #6 & 39), Wayne Maunder, Benson Fong (also #3, 19 & 44), Richard Loo (also #3, 23, 35, 48, 50 & 51), Victor Sen Yung (also #9, 21 30 & 47), Robert Ito (also #17 & 30), James Hong (also #21, 41, 42, 59 & 54), Keith Carradine (also #11), David Chow (also technical and Kung Fu advisor until the middle of the 2nd series, sometimes assisted by Kam Yuen who took over after that)
Fleeing a murder charge in China, Caine helps Chinese laborers building the transcontinental railroad. (Novelization by Howard Lee*2*) (Note: we have been informed by David Spencer that Howard Lee was a pseudonym.)

Information: The positioning of the scenes implies that Po tells Caine about his ambition to attend the festival in five years just before Caine leaves the temple. If so, there would be five years between his leaving the temple and the killing of the Royal Nephew - or maybe only four but the implication is that it is definitely more than two.


1972-1973 - John Furia, Jr. became Executive Story Consultant after the first few episodes and wrote many of the scenes set in China.
(This is the sequence Warner Brothers now recommends for the episodes and for this season it corresponds closely with production numbers.)

1) "King of the Mountain"
2) "Dark Angel"
3) "Blood Brother"
4) "An Eye for an Eye"
5) "The Soul Is the Warrior"
6) "Nine Lives"
7) "The Tide"
8) "Sun and Cloud Shadow"
9) "The Praying Mantis Kills"
10) "Alethea"
11) "Chains"
12) "Superstition"
13) "The Stone"
14) "The Third Man"
15) "The Ancient Warrior"

#1 (Prod #166141) KING OF THE MOUNTAIN
Teleplay By:: Herman Miller (Writer's Guild of Am. Award for Best Drama)
Directed By:: Jerry Thorpe (also pilot & #2-4, 16, 18 & 40)
First Broadcast: ABC, OCTOBER 14, 1972
Guest Stars: Brandon Cruz, Lara Parker Special Guest Star: John Saxon
Caine befriends a young boy who just lost his parents. Later when the priest goes to work for a woman whose ranch is in disrepair, he asks to bring the boy. Meanwhile, on the mountain overlooking the ranch, a bounty hunter plans to earn the $10,000 reward for capturing Caine.

Information: Kam Yuen, who will become Kung Fu advisor for the last half of the series, was assistant Kung Fu advisor for this episode.
"The fear of death is the shadow of the fear of life." - Master Kan*2*p8
"In the cycle of birth and death, nothing changes." - Master Kan*2*p8

#2 (Prod #166142) "DARK ANGEL"
Teleplay By:: Herman Miller (also #1,3 &55 and producer the last year and a half)
Directed By:: Jerry Thorpe (also pilot & #1, 3, 4, 16, 18 & 40 producer)
First Broadcast: ABC, NOVEMBER 11, 1972
Guest Stars: John Carradine, Robert CarradineSpecial Guest Star: Dean Jagger
Caine goes to Lordsville where his father was born. There he discovers that he has a brother and that his grandfather abhors having a half-Chinese grandson. He also meets Serenity Johnson (who will turn up again in episodes #36 & 58).

Information: According to Serenity, Caine's grandfather drove his father with his Chinese wife from his house, so perhaps Caine's parents came there and then went back to China. (Yet the grandfather asks Kwai Chang what his mother looked like.)

His grandfather gave Caine Danny's letters and a ring that was his father's and a watch that was his great grandfather's.

Even though this is soon after he arrives in the United States, Caine can already read English (evidenced by the fact that he can and does look up the records of his father's birth).

There are two sequels to the story of Serenity Johnson and they are told in #36 and #58 and there is a sequel to the story of Caine's grandfather which is told in #45 & 46.

"To accept destiny is to face life with open eyes...whereas not to accept destiny is to accept life blindfolded." - Caine*2*p15

#3 (Prod #166143) "BLOOD BROTHER"
Teleplay By:: Herman Miller (also #1 & 2)
Directed By:: Jerry Thorpe (also pilot & #1, 2, 4, 16, 18 & 40)
First Broadcast: ABC, JANUARY 18, 1973
Guest Stars: Clu Gulager, Scott Hylands, Kathleen Gackle, Robert Urich, Benson Fong (also pilot, #19 & 44), Kam Yuen (also #45 & 46 & later Kung Fu advisor), Richard Loo (also pilot, #23, 35, 48, 50 & 51)Special Guest Star: John Anderson (also #33)
In Kilgore, Arizona Territory, following up a return address on one of Danny's letters, Caine discovers that an old friend from China has been there. The priest first seeks his friend, then the body, then justice.

Information: "Defeat need never be stoically accepted." - Master Kan*2*p3
"Defeat is never ordained." - Master Kan*2*p33

#4 (Prod #166144) "AN EYE FOR AN EYE"
Teleplay By:: John Furia, Jr. (story ed. & later producer of 1st half of 2nd season)
Directed By:: Jerry Thorpe (also pilot & #1-3, 16, 18 & 40)
First Broadcast: ABC, JANUARY 25, 1973
Guest Stars: L.Q. Jones (also #57), Tim McIntire (also #16 & he plays Danny Caine in #59, 61 & 62), Harry TownesSpecial Guest Star: Lane Bradbury
This episode which is about vengeance for a rape won an Emmy for best director and another for best cinematographer. Jerry Thorpe was also nominated for a Director's Guild Award for it. Throughout the story people keep asking, "If I don't have a right to vengeance, who does?" Caine finally answers: "No one."

Information: Caine carries several seedlings around with him during this story, taking them out and planting them now and then. But we don't see him doing so again except in #27 "The Gunman".

#5 (Prod #166145) "THE SOUL IS THE WARRIOR"
Teleplay By:: Ron Bishop
Directed By:: Richard Lang (also17,19,22,24,27,29,31,33,35,37-39,42,45- 6)
First Broadcast: ABC, FEBRUARY 8, 1973
Guest Stars: John Doucette, Shelly Novack (also #36), Jim Davis (also #16)Special Guest Star: Pat Hingle
The search for Danny leads Caine to a man who tries to take revenge on the brother for what he feels Danny did to him. When this man tries to shoot Caine, a sheriff interferes and brings down on himself the wrath of the man's father.

Information: Danny left this town two weeks before Kwai Chang got there.
Kwai Chang acquires a watch of Danny's here and so now should have two watches (one from his great grandfather which his grandfather gave him in "Dark Angel"), and yet he never has anything on him worth taking whenever he is searched.
"Courage, cowardice. These are but words of an orphaned moment. Think only of the goal of your beginning. Be neither brave nor afraid, but at peace." - Master Kan*2*p12
"Discipline the body...that you may know the person." - Master Kan*2*p21

#6 (Prod #166146) "NINE LIVES"
Teleplay By:: Herb Meadow
Directed By:: Allen Reisner
First Broadcast: ABC, FEBRUARY 15, 1973
Guest Stars: Albert Salmi (also pilot & #39), Dana Elcar, Royal DanoSpecial Guest Star: Geraldine Brooks
Caine tries to help a miner find a cat which the man needs in order to go back to the fields where he thinks he has discovered gold. But in order to get a cat, the two of them have to dig a well for a widow.

Information: In this episode Caine's shoes are stolen and from here on he mostly goes barefoot and carries any shoes he may have.
In America Caine is sometimes (as in this story) called "oriental heathen" and while growing up in China he had been called "foreign barbarian" by some other children.
This story starts off in a mining camp called Dirty Nose Canyon.
There is a flashback scene herein which is repeated in "Ancient Warrior" and reported under that episode.
"The body may cease to be, but the soul flowers endlessly in many bodies." - Caine*2*p67

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