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#7 (Prod #166147)"THE TIDE"
Teleplay By:: A. Martin Zweiback (also #13, 15 & 26)
Directed By:: Walter Doniger (also #20 & 26)
First Broadcast: ABC, FEBRUARY 1, 1973 (Aired out of sequence)
Guest Stars: Andrew Duggan, Robert Donner, Mako (also in "Kung Fu: The Movie," a 1986 sequel)Special Guest Star: Tina Chen
Caine, recognized from his poster, is handcuffed and shot by the sheriff of a coastal town. After he escapes, wounded and still handcuffed, he is then rescued and cared for by Su Yen who thinks she can trade Caine for her father, a poet who has been imprisoned by the Emperor*1* back in China.

Information: When the young Caine and another student are robbed, the other student learns not to trust strangers and is dismissed from the temple. Shaolin are required to trust: the TAO TE CHING [F] says in both chapters #17 and #23, "He who does not trust enough, will not be trusted."

Though the adult Caine never tells a direct lie, the young Caine does tell one to Master Kan in this episode when Kan asks the boy what he is feeling as they watch a young woman dance. The Young Caine says, "Nothing," but Kan does not believe him. (The dancer, according to Anderson's KF Book*2*, is Rosalind Chao, who plays Keiko on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Deep Space Nine.") [The young Caine tells another lie in #47 "The Demon God" in order to save his life and an adult Shaolin lies when Master Po tells young Caine that a pool is filled with acid in #12 "Superstition."]
Anderson's book*2* calls Su Yen a "Chinese coolie" as if that inappropriate term for unskilled oriental labor would apply to anyone, well enough the educated daughter of a famous poet. (Both Anderson's and Pilato's books*2* claim Su Yen kills the sheriff with an ax so that must have been changed after the script was finished.)

"Distrust is the shield of the weak. It affirms the evil in man by denying the opportunity of good." - Master Kan*2*p35

#8 (Prod #166148) "SUN AND CLOUD SHADOW"
Teleplay By:: Halsted Welles*2*
Directed By:: Robert Butler (also #11, 13 & 15)
First Broadcast: ABC, FEBRUARY 22, 1973
Guest Stars: Morgan Woodward, Aimee Eccles, Ronald Feinberg, Soon-Taik Oh (also #34 & 48 and as the villain Bon Bon Hai in "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues"), Richard Lawrence Hatch, Dennis Lee Smith, John Mamo, Yuki Shimoda (also #50), Tad Horino (also #45, 46 & 47)
Caine becomes involved with a village of Chinese miners who are in conflict with a man who claims their mountain. One killing leads to another. Meanwhile, a Manchu assassin arrives from the Dowager Empress.*1*

Information: This is the one episode which accurately reflects the Imperium of China in the 1870s. The assassin from China herein comes from the Dowager Empress and is a Manchu agent. China was ruled much of this time by a Dowager Empress of the Manchu (Ching) Dynasty.*1*

#9 (Prod #166149) "THE PRAYING MANTIS KILLS"*2*
Teleplay By:: Robert Lewin*2* (also #9, 14 & 27)
Directed By:: Charles S. Dubin (also #12 & 14)
First Broadcast: March 15 or March 22 (by Kung Fu Book & Epi-log) 1973
Guest Stars: Wendell Burton, Norm Alden, Don Knight, Jason Wingreen, Murray Macleod, Bill Fletcher, Victor-Sen Yung (also pilot & #21, 30 & 50) Special Guest Star: William Schallert
Caine, the only one willing to testify against bank robbers, ends up helping a boy first deal with his father's death and then try to fill the sheriff's shoes. (Novelization by Howard Lee*2*) (Note: we have been informed by David Spencer that Howard Lee was a pseudonym.)

Information: Caine seems judgmental about praying while preparing to kill.

#10 (Prod #166150) "ALETHEA"
Teleplay By:: William Kelley (also #18, 37 & 38, 50 & part of 51)
Directed By:: John Badham
First Broadcast: ABC, March 22 or March 15 (Kung Fu Book & Epi-log) 1973
Guest Stars: Jodie Foster, Charles Tyner. Kenneth Tobey, Khigh Dheigh (also #20 & 50 & 51), Byron Mabe, William Mims
Caine gets caught up in a stage hold-up and an honest young girl thinks she sees him shoot a man. On her eyewitness testimony, he is sentenced to hang. In flashbacks the young Caine, who is sent on a mission with a 400 year old scroll, is tricked by a magician.

Information: Although Caine tries to escape before he gets into town, once there he doesn't make any further attempt to escape from jail and later walks to the gallows and allows a noose to be put around his neck.
(One is left to wonder how Caine, who was raised in China and only recently learned or relearned English, would know the Greek word for 'truth,' which he says is 'alethea?'
Young Caine is twelve during the flashback of this story.

#11(Prod #166151)"CHAINS"
Teleplay By: Gene L. Coon Story by: Paul Edwards & Gene L. Coon
Directed By:: Robert Butler (also #8, 13 & 15)
First Broadcast: March 29 or March 8 (Kung Fu Book & Epi-log) 1973
Guest Stars: Michael Greene (also #47), Warren Vanders, Geoffrey Lewis, Larry Bishop, Keith Carradine (also pilot, both playing the adolescent Caine)
Michael Greene was nominated for a best supporting actor Emmy for his role as an uneducated, angry man to whom Caine is chained and with whom he escapes prison. They are hunted down by an Army tracker and surrounded by Utes on the warpath. (Novelization by Howard Lee*2*) (Note: we have been informed by David Spencer that Howard Lee was a pseudonym.)

#12 (Prod #166152) "SUPERSTITION"
Teleplay By: Ed Waters (also parts of #24, 31, 32, 39, & 43)
Story By: Dave Moessinger
Directed By:: Charles S. Dubin (also #9 & 14)
First Broadcast: ABC, APRIL 5, 1973
Guest Stars: Fred Sadoff, Ford Rainey, Roy Jenson, Don Dubbins, Woodrow Parfrey
Unjustly accused of stealing, Caine is forced into working in a mine over an Indian burial ground. The other prisoners/miners are convinced that uncovering human bones results in the death that day of whoever does so. In the flashbacks, Master Po shows the young Caine just what such beliefs produce. (Novelization by Howard Lee*2*) (Note: we have been informed by David Spencer that Howard Lee was a pseudonym.)

Information:In this episode Caine pulls coins out of his pouch to buy supplies.

Master Po lies to the Young Caine herein telling him a pool is filled with acid when it is really just water.

"To seek freedom, a man must struggle. To win it, he must choose wisely where and when he struggles...or it is like spitting in the wind." - Caine*2*p12

#13 (Prod #166153) "THE STONE"
Teleplay By:: A. Martin Zweiback (also #7, 15 & 26)
Directed By:: Robert Butler (also #8, 11, & 15)
First Broadcast: ABC, April 12, 1973
Guest Stars: Moses Gunn, Gregory Sierra, Kelly Jean Peters, Bill Lucking, Kiel Martin
Caine runs into a Brazilian who knows a style of fighting that Caine has never seen before, an Armenian who wants to revenge massacres in his homeland, three children who want to hire him to kill, and a diamond which is misplaced.

Information: At the end of this story Caine accepts a payment of $4.08 (which he earlier called a "useful amount of money" and which the two books*2* call $4.80) from the children though he usually refuses money or gives it away. However, since he sometimes offer w buy beans, he must occasionally keep some of money. Did he accept and keep this money to teach the children something?

Caine puts on shoes to attend the wedding.

#14 (Prod #166154) "THE THIRD MAN"
Teleplay By:: Robert Lewin (also #9 & 27)
Directed By:: Charles S. Dubin (also #9 & 14)
First Broadcast: ABC, APRIL 26, 1973
Guest Stars: Ed Nelson, Fred Beir, Barbara StuartSpecial Guest Star: Sheree North
Caine befriends a charming gambler who has been held up by two thieves. Later the thieves try to steal more money and in the dark, the gambler is killed by a third, unknown gunman.

Information: A bicycle is on the street of a small western town in this episode.

#15 (Prod #166155) "THE ANCIENT WARRIOR"
Teleplay By:: A. Martin Zweiback (also #7, 13 & 26)
Directed By:: Robert Butler (also #8, 11 & 13)
First Broadcast: ABC, MAY 3, 1973
Guest Stars: Chief Dan George, Victor French, Denver Pyle (also #33), G. D. Spradlin Special Guest Star: Will Geer
Headed for Santa Fe, Caine befriends an old Indian who just wants to return to die and be buried in the land of his birth. That land - his according to a deed - is covered by the mining town of Purgatory, whose people can't forget a massacre by Indians eight years earlier though they don't remember the fact that Indians were massacred before and after that.

Information: The visual flashbacks in this episode are repeats of ones in #5 "The Soul Is the Warrior" and #6 "Nine Lives." Only the audio flashbacks are new.

"Hate is an unfaithful weapon." - Caine*2*p36

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