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Series Guide News Overview Pilot Season One Season Two Season Three Merchandise Notes Resources Addendum FAQ #10 (Prod #166150) "Alethea"
Teleplay By: William Kelley (also #18, 37 & 38, 50 & part of 51)
Directed By: John Badham
First Broadcast: ABC, March 22, 1973 (from the DVD)
Guest Stars: Jodie Foster, Charles Tyner, Kenneth Tobey, Khigh Dheigh (also #20 & 50-51), Byron Mabe, William Mims
Regular Cast: David Carradine, Philip Ahn, Keye Luke, Radames Pera

Caine gets caught up in a stage hold-up and an honest young girl thinks she sees him shoot a man. On her eyewitness testimony, he is sentenced to hang. In flashbacks the young Caine, who is sent on a mission with a 400 year old scroll, is tricked by a magician.


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