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Series Guide News Overview Pilot Season One Season Two Season Three Merchandise Notes Resources Addendum FAQ #11 (Prod #166151)"Chains"
Teleplay By: Gene L. Coon Story by: Paul Edwards & Gene L. Coon
Directed By:: Robert Butler (also #8, 13 & 15)
First Broadcast: March 15, 1973 (as per the DVD)
Guest Stars: Michael Greene (also #47), Warren Vanders, Geoffrey Lewis, Larry Bishop, Keith Carradine (also pilot, both times playing the adolescent Caine)
Regular Cast: David Carradine, Philip Ahn, Keye Luke, Radames Pera

Michael Greene was nominated for a best supporting actor Emmy for his role as an uneducated, angry man to whom Caine is chained and with whom he escapes prison. They are hunted down by an Army tracker and surrounded by Utes on the warpath. (Novelization by Howard Lee*2*) (Note: we have been informed by David Spencer that Howard Lee was a pseudonym.)

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