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The Kill Bill Diary:
The Making of a Tarantino Classic as Seen Through the Eyes of a Screen Legend

(Paperback) by David Carradine
Kill Bill Diary

From Publishers Weekly This journal captures the two years Carradine spent making the two-part feature film Kill Bill with director Quentin Tarantino. As he describes the pre-production, production and promoting of the film, Carradine, who is best known for TV's Kung Fu, gives readers a glimpse into the up-and-down life of a B-list actor. Excited about landing the role of Bill, once ticketed for Warren Beatty, Carradine is simultaneously nervous about canceling the autograph conventions on which he pretty much supports himself. Along with subtly pointing out that he has worked with Martin Scorsese and won a Golden Globe, Carradine also knows that a Tarantino movie is his best shot at stardom, and it's that eternal hope, not his résumé, that pervades the book and makes him a narrator for whom readers will feel genuine affection. Along with laying bare his personal deliberations, Carradine also provides an informative exploration of the world of filmmaking, from what it takes to shoot in China to how many (soon to be bloodied) shirts you need for a fight scene. It's apparent that one of Carradine's longest-running love affairs, however tempestuous it might be, is with Hollywood. And for those who share that feeling, this book will remind them why, for better or for worse, they feel that way. Photos. (Nov.) Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

From Booklist "...Despite the book's diary format, it is surprisingly fluid and graceful; Carradine is a stylish and witty writer.... Like Tarrantino, Carradine has always had a reputation for being enigmatic, but here he comes off both humble and remarkably multifaceted. Give this one a chance; it will surprise you. David Pitt Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved

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