Kung Fu Pilot

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Available on two different DVDs.

Pilot/First Season
Now on DVD

One has the pilot and the whole fist season plus extras and is about $30. Other than the fact that Warner Brothers decided to crop off the top and the bottom to make the image widescreen this is a great set at a great price. We recommend it highly. See the image to the left.

But there is now also just the pilot available on DVD for a mere $5.98, a price that means you can share this pilot with all your friends who may not remember the series enough to want to spend $27 on it. See the image to the right.

If you order this by itself, the shipping will almost double the price, but if you order several of them at one time or order them with other things, and your order comes to at least $25, the shipping is free. Any friends or family members have birthdays coming up? Do your Christmas shopping early --- we do not know how long these will be available.

Indications are this is the same pilot that is available on the First Season set. Uncut but also cropped due to Warner Brother's insanity. But at $5.98, how can it be resisted? We will be ordering it to test it and will post here information on it once we have it in hand.

P.S. - the pilot DVD for $5.98 comes with a $5 off coupon: "order any complete season of Kung Fu on DVD and get a $5 rebate by mail." So you can use it towards a future season of "Kung Fu". Makes this pilot DVD pretty near free if you don't pay for shipping --- and if you buy $25 from Amazon at the same time, the shipping is free. Not that you may need two DVDs of the pilot but like I said, it would be a neat gift. And no one has to know you only paid 98 cents for it.

And each one of these pilot DVDs contains a $5 coupon to use for any full season set.

Pilot Movie
DVD of Pilot $5.98
Free shipping with orders of $25 or more
At these prices, order several as gifts for all your friends who may not remember "Kung Fu"

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