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Series Guide News Overview Pilot Season One Season Two Season Three Merchandise Notes Resources Addendum FAQ #43 (Prod #166255) "The Predators"
Teleplay By: Lloyd Richards & Ed Waters (also parts of #12, 24, 31, 32 & 39) Story By: John Menken
Directed By:: Harry Harris (also #41, 52, 54 & 61)
First Broadcast: ABC, October 5, 1974 (Saturday)
Guest Stars: Anthony Zerbe (also #25), Cal Bellini, George DiCenzo
Regular Cast: David Carradine, Philip Ahn, Keye Luke, Radames Pera

Caine needs a man to return with him as a witness to the fact that he didn't kill a sheriff. But the witness is one of a gang of hunters seeking Apache scalps and an Apache, who Caine has befriended, has had a vision to kill the whole gang.


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