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Series Guide News Overview Pilot Season One Season Two Season Three Merchandise Notes Resources Addendum FAQ #53 (Prod #166265) "One Step to Darkness"*2*
Teleplay By: Robert Sherman & Theodore Apstein (also #49)
STORY: Gerald Sanford
Directed By:: Marc Daniels (also #49, 59, 60 & 62)
First Broadcast: January 25, 1975 (Saturday)
Guest Stars: Leslie Charleson, David Huddleston (also #22), Bruce Carradine (also #28) and Stephen Manley as a younger young Caine*4*
Regular Cast: David Carradine, Philip Ahn, Keye Luke, Radames Pera

Caine comes to the rescue of a woman and for his trouble is arrested by her army officer husband. The woman turns out to be addicted to a Chinese drug (opium?) and she introduces Caine to a mystical world where he meets a demon who claims the priest's life for a wish the very young Caine had made while sick with typhoid.

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