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The following quotes are from Steve Geller:
"The Circle of Iron"
with David Carradine
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Additional sets of Quotations from Steve Geller:

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  1. Cord: Is that the secret? The monkey tried to circle you, you kept turning?
    Blind Man: The way of the monkey is to play the fool. While you laugh at his antics, he bites you from behind. Unmask his ego and you expose a coward disguised as a monkey.
    Cord: I don’t have any reason to fight monkeys. This lesson has no value.
    Blind Man: One is taught in accordance to one’s fitness to learn.–Circle of Iron (Movie with David Carridine as the Blind Man, and Cord is a warrior in search of a book of truth)
  2. Blind Man: You have not told me of your second trial.
    Cord: It wasn’t a trial. It was a lesson.
    Blind Man: Teach it to me.
    Cord: You know it. You seem to know everything.
    Blind Man: Each morning when I awake like a scholar at his first class. I prepare a blank mind for the day, to write upon.
    Cord: A year ago I took a vow of chastity. A day ago I broke it. Gladly, because I realized we are born to love. But what I did then was worse then taking any foolish vow. I tried to posses what I loved. I didn’t know then that the embrace of love held too tightly can destroy the one you love.
    Blind Man: Cord, each moment that passes changes you. You do not…cannot posses even yourself. How can you hope to posses anyone or anything else.–Circle of Iron
  3. Blind Man: Is not a happy man one who does not fear death. Not only does he not fear it, his days are filled with joy looking forward to it?–Circle of Iron
  4. Quotes from "Circle of Iron" from the Blind Man, uttered one after another:
    1) Tie two birds together. And though they may have four (4) wings, they cannot fly.
    2) You can’t step on the same piece of water twice.
    3) The tadpole loses it strength.
    4) The sword cannot cut itself.
    5) The path and gateway have no meaning, once the objective is in site.
    6) And a horse has no udders, and a cow can’t whinny. And up is down, and sideways is straight ahead.

Circle of Iron ending: The book he [Cord] sought had page after page of mirrors. "The seekers fight their way here year after year. Willing, eager to pay the terrible price to see what is in that book. And when they fling it open in blazing expectation of finding all the answers to all of life’s questions. And what do they find? Themselves! There is no book, no enlightenment outside yourself. The seekers who arrived before are mostly at the temple. But some have gone back into the world. And in all manner of disguises. They provide the trials such as you have experienced. Some become teachers."

Additional sets of Quotations from Steve Geller:

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