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The following quotes are from Steve Geller:

"Kung Fu:
The Legend Continues"

with David Carradine
Additional sets of Quotations from Steve Geller:

  1. KCC: Like the jackal who mocks his prey, you use fear to intimidate. The weakness of the jackal is his arrogance, and arrogance is the downfall of anyone who subverts the truth.–From 1st Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (KF:TLC). *
  2. Priest: You find the trappings of our faith (Christianity)curious.
    KCC: There is wisdom in all traditions, every ritual.
    Priest: Some, but not all. Exorcism is an empty ritual. It has no place in the modern church.
    KCC: And yet your superiors prescribe it.–KF:TLC*
  3. KCC: You have the weakness to defend your injury with killing. Have you not the strength to forgive?–KF:TLC*
  4. Ancient: Too fast!
    Man: Speed is essential.
    Ancient: You must use your martial arts abilities and training and put all of your senses on to the activity [sport, etc]. Slow it down, so you may control it.–KF:TLC*
  5. Colors blind; Sound deafens; Beauty beguiles; the enemy of stillness is desire. Eliminate desire, and the truth will become clear.–KF:TLC*
  6. Seek tranquillity, and you will lose it. Understand [that] it dwells within you. That is to embrace.–KF:TLC*
  7. KCC: When the spirit is in control, the body obeys. Look at your demons (alcohol, drugs, etc). They are formless. Listen to your fears, they are soundless. When this moment occurs, your hands will no longer betray you.–KCC*
  8. KCC: When there is a right path and a wrong path, choosing neither or hiding behind a cloak of neutrality is the same thing as choosing the wrong path.
    Peter: Why?
    KCC: Because the right path will never be explored.–KF:TLC*
  9. KCC: Even enemies do not deserve to be attacked from behind, and their goods taken away from them. There will be killing if there are not heroes.
    Man: Do I look like a hero to you?
    KCC: Heroism is simply a matter of facing the truth. One action can put everything in the proper place.–KF:TLC*
  10. Man: So you’re a priest huh?
    KCC: I am.
    Man: Are you going to lead me from the path of darkness?
    KCC: Only a man who understands he does not see the light, will step away from his chosen path.
    Man: What, then embrace the light?
    KCC: Accept it.
    Man: Well, I think you should accept that this is your last day on earth. You and your son.
    KCC: That is the only way to live every day.–KF:TLC*
  11. KCC: Truth is clarity in darkness. Fear and mistrust cloud honor and reason. Sometimes to achieve enlightenment, one must embrace adversity.–KF:TLC*
  12. KCC: Anything is possible if you can perceive the way.–KF:TLC*
  13. KCC: None of us will ever be the man we were. We can only be what we will become.–KF :TLC*
  14. KCC: Anticipating the length of a journey, doubles its length.–KF: TLC*
  15. KCC: You are firmly rooted in the Tao. All the forces of the earth may pull at you, but you will remain at rest.
    Son: This is a tug-of-war. How can you win if you don’t try?
    KCC: In war, as in life, there is a wrong way and a right way to compete. Avoid danger and greed. Embrace concentration and awareness. And when it becomes inevitable - let go.–KF:TLC*
  16. KCC: The first moment that you feel the displacement of air (an attack forthcoming) you must strike out, without hesitation. But, you must feel the stillness of the air first. In stillness you can see the flight of the bird, and the opening of an eye.
    Peter: I was cheating (he opened his closed eyes, to intercept an attack).
    KCC: I know. Why would you compromise your honor for such a small thing?
    Peter: I wanted to do it right.
    KCC: A man who has no skills can be taught, a man who has no honor has nothing. You must guard your honor. It is the most precious possession that you will ever have. The one thing that cannot be taken away from you (forcibly).
    Peter: I’m sorry.
    KCC: No need to be sorry, we have both learned a valuable lesson.–KF:TLC*
  17. KCC: All true actions in life are simple.–KF:TLC*
  18. KCC: Avoidance, that is the first lesson in self-defense.–KF:TLC*
  19. KCC: All battles are battles of the spirit.–KF:TLC*
  20. KCC: Fear is your ally. It makes your heart beat faster. It makes your responses quicker. Your movements sure. Sometimes fighting on will destroy you. Remember you must yield to succeed.–KF:TLC*
  21. KCC: When your opponent is strong, make him weak. If he is determined, make him pause. If you yield, you will succeed.–KF:TLC*
  22. KCC: No one can turn your own family against you. Only you, by yourself, can do that.–KF:TLC*
  23. KCC: When you physically abuse someone, perhaps you see in that victim, all that you have lost in yourself (i.e.- They are always there for you). The negative impact of society has not seeped in or taken over. It has always been there. No one can do anything about it. It is in the bone. Peace, walking side-by-side with rage. All the violence and all the evil that you find in yourself, I have in me. Perhaps more strongly. We are all men.
    Man: How do you deal with it?
    KCC: You cannot suppress it, it is too powerful to drive out, and you must not ignore it. Embrace it! That is what binds us together. Knowing that it is in us all, enables us to understand each other, and it allows us to forgive one another and ourselves. To try is all any of us can do.–KF:TLC*
  24. KCC: If a man sees a wrong and does nothing, how can he then still call himself a man.–KF:TLC*
  25. KCC: I gave him nothing that he did not already have.–KF:TLC*
  26. KCC: A battle avoided cannot be lost.–KC:TLC*
  27. Ancient: The wheel that is time, moves on. When the moment of departure again occurs, another said journey begins.–KF:TLC*
  28. The religious must be willing to ride the dragon until the sun sleeps.–Unknown, KC:TLC*
  29. KCC: What do you see?
    Peter: The fire.
    KCC: And within the fire?
    Peter: The color of the flame and sparks floating up to the sky, the wood being consumed into nothingness.
    KCC: The joining - do you not see that as well?
    Peter: No. I see nothing coming together.
    KCC: That is the pretense, not the truth. The fire is a marriage between the air, wood, and flame. Between them they become something which neither is, and yet each are.
    Peter: I do not see that.
    KCC: No. You see the pretense. As you go through life, you will find many things that seem obvious, then you will remember the fire. Everything is not what it pretends to be. That is the lesson of the fire.
    Peter: How will I know when something is not what it pretends to be?
    KCC: Ask. But every once in a while, you will find that the pretense may be the truth.–KF:TLC*
  30. Peter: What is the truth?
    KCC: The truth?
    Peter: You say that all our training is really a search for the truth.
    KCC: Yes. Yet the truth of the Tao cannot be known or touched or described.
    Peter: But then how will I know when I have found the truth? How do we even know that it exists?
    KCC: On a summer day, do you not feel the warmth of the sun upon your skin?
    Peter: Yes.
    KCC: Then is it necessary to look at the sun, in order to know that it is shining?
    Peter: I couldn’t anyway. It is to bright to look at for more than a second.
    KCC: Then is it not better to be content with the sun’s warmth, then to be blinded by its light? What we seek cannot be gazed upon. Look too hard for the truth and you would be blinded by the truth as well.
    Peter: Then how will I find the truth?
    KCC: Be patient and it will find you–KF:TLC*
  31. KCC: To look into darkness is clarity. You must use the source of your own inner light to illuminate what cannot be seen.–KF:TLC*
  32. KCC: Truth is blinding. It illuminates the darkness. It eclipses stealth. It reveals the lies that appear to us as reality.–KF:TLC*
  33. KCC: I have many fears. Small, fragmented, tiny terrors can be examined. Can be held in the hand, broken. Only when all fears come together, will they become overwhelming.–KF:TLC*
  34. KCC: (You have paranoia) Enemies are old friends. When you embrace your fears, they are diminished.–KF:TLC*
  35. Man: What did you say about harmony? It is a path we all share. Even the most chaotic mind seeks it out, and finds a way to make peace with the world.
    KCC: We all do that.
    Man: Well, we are all a little bit crazy.–KF:TLC*
  36. KCC: Wealth leads to power. Power often corrupts. You must not place your faith in rare things. The riches you search for are within your heart. Listen to your heart and you will find your goals.–KF:TLC*
  37. Ancient: The heavens unfold, and man’s destiny is revealed.
    KCC: This is not destiny. It is the random walk of a policeman’s life. Unplanned and unprovoked.
    Ancient: You blame yourself for this (His son lies in a coma).
    KCC: Yes. If only I have been there.
    Ancient: Then this could also have been your destiny. Each of us must cast our own shadow. We learn nothing if we are prevented from facing the demons sent to challenge us to know.
    KCC: What does he learn from this?
    Ancient: That is not for us to know. My friend, you must accept that you cannot always protect your son.–KF:TLC*
  38. Peter: Why do we meditate?
    KCC: For many reasons.
    Peter: For instance?
    KCC: To prepare our bodies and minds to accept.
    Peter: To accept what?
    KCC: Whatever comes.–KF:TLC*
  39. KCC: If you trust yourself, any choice you make will be correct. If you do not trust yourself, anything you do will be wrong.–KF:TLC*
  40. KCC: To achieve victory, one must get inside the skin of his opponent.–KF:TLC*
  41. KCC: When you learn to understand your own motive, and the motives of your enemies, then you cannot help but win. If you do not understand [your enemy], so you will lose.–KF:TLC*
  42. KCC: When your enemy is weak, you must make him strong. To destroy that enemy, you must first glorify his power.–KF:TLC*
  43. KCC: [One might have] a destiny, not necessarily a destination.–KF:TLC*
  44. KCC: Non-aggression philosophy: The courageous fighter shuns violence. The skillful soldier avoids anger. A mighty warrior will not fight for petty conquests.–KF:TLC*
  45. KCC: True insight cannot be gained by specialized knowledge. My victory or defeat, doctrine or dogma - they can only be achieved by the illumination of one’s inner self. In other words, it does not matter who wins or loses.–KF:TLC*
  46. KCC: 10 years; 2 times equals 20 years; all the time , thirty years. When one eye is fixed on the destination you only have one eye to search for the way. Concentrate on the now.–KF:TLC*
  47. KCC: There is no grace in victory. The one who glorifies it revels in bloodshed, and they are incapable of ruling the world.–KF:TLC*
  48. KCC: A wise man accomplished his goals without love of glory, without love of violence.–KF:TLC*
  49. KCC: He who reveres slaughter, will fail in his ambition to rule the world.–KF:TLC*
  50. KCC: You are frightened and desperate. Embrace hope and it will become a part of your being. Embrace despair and it will become part of your destiny.–KF:TLC*
  51. (KCC to a man who wants to sell his belongings and travel the world)
    KCC: The world will come to a man who is truly wise, and knows his place.–KF:TLC*
  52. KCC: When we judge others, we judge ourselves. KF:TLC*
  53. KCC: On the surface, all is illusion. Sometimes you must risk all to find the truth beneath. KF:TLC*
  54. Peter: Something which happened many years ago, hangs on my heart.–KF:TLC*
  55. KCC: We must be careful of what we carry there. There are some pains that the mind can ignore - but the heart cannot. Those must be embraced and set free.–KF:TLC*
  56. Peter: The thought that should bring such a [big] smile, should be shared.–KF:TLC*
  57. Ancient: The child’s character is luminous and innocent. Wild beasts walk away. Birds of prey will not fly at them.–KF:TLC*
  58. KCC: I will live on through you and your children, and your grandchildren. As our ancestors lived through us both. We honor the past to ensure the present and the future. What we are is what has gone before. If our line ends, all that we are will vanish. Then our journey will truly end. That is your heritage. Yours to watch over (enter a name) ."–KF:TLC (KCC passes along some books to his son). *
  59. KCC: Fear is your companion, your friend, your ally. If our hands tremble it is because your body responds to your thoughts. Beware of your enemy - who he is, where he is. When you become one with him, your hands will cease to tremble. When you vanquish him. You will no longer be afraid.–KF:TLC*
  60. KCC: Fear will fill your being. It will consume your thoughts, but it can only live and breath as long as you allow it to. When you can embrace it and make it one with your hopes and joys. It will cease to have power over you.–KF:TLC*
Additional sets of Quotations from Steve Geller:

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