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The Movie ('86)
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The following quotes are from Steve Geller:
"Kung Fu: The Movie"
Additional sets of Quotations from Steve Geller:
The Movie ('86)
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  1. KCC: The most dangerous road of all is the one called revenge.–KF:Movie*
  2. Man: It is said that a moth that lives to close to the flame leads a short life.
    KCC: But in China, it is said there is little difference between a long life and a short one. Both are but moments in time.–KF: Movie*
  3. KCC: Master, forgive me for I have failed.
    Po: You have not failed no one Grasshopper, only your own ambition.
    KCC: My ambition?
    Po: It is sometimes difficult, is it not, for you to remember that you are but a humble priest?
    KCC: Yet, as a man I sometimes greatly fear that I may fail.
    Po: If that is our destiny, you cannot change it. But do not go in fear, Grasshopper. Fear is eternal darkness. Go instead with inner strength. For it is like a deep river, into which all streams flow. It increases, always moving forward. And soon, there is nothing that can stand in its way.–KF: Movie*
  4. Po: At times the task you face, may seem overwhelming. And you may feel unequal to what is required.
    Young KCC: Master, I observe others, and they seem to know the way.
    Po: Do you?
    Young KCC: I am puzzled and unsure. I move one way, and then another. To no purpose.
    Po: And therefore, grieve.
    Young KCC: Yes, master.
    Po: The sage has said "Others are contented, I alone am drifting. Not knowing where I am. I am different. I am nourished by the great mother. In an uncertain hour, the wise man acknowledges uncertainty.–KF:Movie*
Additional sets of Quotations from Steve Geller:

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